Amazingly Crispy & Crunchy Baking Meshes (pack of 4)

  • £7.01

Make crunchy food cooked to perfection when you bake your meals with Amazingly Crispy & Crunchy baking meshes (pack of 4)! Very practical, since they prevent the contact of the food with the fat and allow the steam to be released for better cooking results. They are placed on the oven metal grid, which stops the food from falling through the holes in the grid and ensure it cooks perfectly, as they facilitate good hot air circulation.


  • Made of PTFE and fiberglass
  • Temperature range: 70-260° C
  • Non-stick and reusable
  • Easy dishwasher cleaning
  • 2 meshes of 41 x 30 cm approx.
  • 2 meshes of 16 x 16 cm approx.